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About the Sustainable AI Lab

Sustainable AI can be understood as having two branches; AI for sustainability and sustainability of AI. In order to fully understand the benefits and risks of AI, it is important to investigate both of these branches. While there is a growing number of publications directed towards AI for the Sustainable Development Goals, there is little research addressing the, often hidden, environmental costs of AI.

For this reason, the Sustainable AI Lab creates a space for a group of excellent researchers of different fields to work, collaborate and exchange ideas on the environmental, social and economic costs of designing, developing and using AI across society. The questions to be explored span across multiple disciplines and levels of analysis, for example: the normative grounding of the value of sustainability; the strength of the concept of sustainability; how to measure environmental costs of AI; understanding the intergenerational impacts of AI; and, informing public policy guidelines for the green, proportionate and sustainable development and use of AI.

Within the Lab we will be doing experiments which are always project based, with its own characteristics and with a multi stakeholder perspective. The lab is diverse, inclusive and international and the experiments are internally and externally driven. The principles of the Lab are highly connected to the Alexander von Humboldt foundation. We both strengthen Germany as a science location through international research exchanges. And we campaign for international understanding, scientific progress and development.

About this website

The website of the Sustainable AI Lab is taking the principles of Sustainable Web Design into account. This will evolve over time and is expressed in visual frontend and technological backend. For the logo of the Lab and the website grid we were inspired by the Bauhaus manifesto (1919): form follows function, minimalism, simplicity & effectiveness.